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  ResolveIT UK's Leading Family Mediation Case Management System
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Screen Shots
Providing navigation around the system. In this screenshot you can see that the user has ‘tagged’ 2 cases to return to later and has 3 unread messages from other users
Client Screen
With the correspondence and case log displayed, which is used to log and time record all case activity
Text messaging
In this screenshot the user has recorded an appointment that can be automatically compiled into a text message ready to be sent now, or as a future reminder
Users have an unlimited number of letter templates. Example: Simply select ‘Write’ whilst entering an appointment.  A Word document is produced which has automatically inserted all the necessary details. Page 2 is also produced for the other party's letter
As well as logging and raising invoices, users have the option of managing part payments for private bills
Case Checker
In this screenshot the user has closed a ‘Child’ case with the outcome of ‘C’. A checking screen automatically opens when cases are closed and any incorrect or missing information is highlighted
Reporting Screen
Numerous categorised reports can be generated from ResolveIT, and a reporting wizard allows the user to select and filter information from the underlying system data for use in MS-Excel
A typical conversion rate report that can also be run to analyse the performance of mediators', locations, referral sources and eligibility

Online Returns

Three simple steps that guide you through the production of your on-line Monthly Return, with error checking to ensure that your file is not rejected by the Legal Aid Agency System.
Add it up for me
An internal management report to support the value of work submitted into the Legal Aid Agency on-line system.
Menus & Settings
Thus the user is in full control of every selectable item in the system. Here they have just added a new outreach location
Menus & Settings
As many referral sources as you wish
Menus & Settings
How do I want my appointment reminders to be constructed?