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.... Consequently installation on 1st June was achieved within a short time of Paul and Rima arriving, and the training started on schedule. Paul and Rima were able to deliver very effective training to our staff over the course of the day, and we were impressed by the patience and consideration which they showed, whilst at the same time keeping on schedule, so that by the end of the day we were up and running with both an effective operation and contented personnel.
We operated the system with few problems (though any that there were were dealt with online by Paul) throughout June, and then Paul came back on 5th July to see us through our first month end and LSC Return, as well as completing the 2nd days Training and ironing out any problems which had come to light over that first month.
We cannot make any statements at this stage as to what level of benefit we shall receive long term from our investment in ResolveIT, but we are very happy with the results so far....... more